Insecurity Documentaries

I was commissioned to give a three-part documentary series a brand voice and make data visualization. The documentaries focused on three individuals who fell through the social safety net in the U.S and experienced economical hardship during the COVID19 pandemic. Expressing through the minimalist design approach, the geometric shapes in the open animated sequence represent neighborhoods, and each struggling household becomes invisible in the community.

Watch the full series
In the Red Tape
The Fight for $15
Forgotten by Medicaid



Host Ray Suarez

Written by Karla Murthy, Mona Iskander, Alissa Quart, Ray Suarez

Produced and edited by Mona Iskander and Karla Murthy

Executive Producers Lauren Feeney and Alissa Quart

Copy Editor Rashmee Kumar

Camera Mori Rothman, Rex Miller,  Joe Hoffman, and Andrew Braun (Shanghai)

Art Director Philipp Hubert

Motion Designer Jil Tai

Music J.R. Narrows

Archival Getty Images, Fight for $15, and a Union Raise Up

created at
The Intercept
Economic Hardship Project 

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