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I am Jil Tai, a freelance motion designer located in NYC.

email: jiltaidesign@gmail.com


BET Brand Refresh

In 2017, BET’s inhouse design team played around the idea to update the brand visual language. The Creative Department invited me to pitch my design concept. 

art direction/ design/ animation
created at BET
music by Manfredas


The Intercept Branding 

I had a unique opportunity to create a motion branding for The Intercept. During the time I worked there, I designed and animated data, documentaries, commentary videos, and podcasts promos for the design and video teams. Here is a montage of what I've done with the publisher.

art direction/ design/ animation
created at The Intercept
music by Red Axes

BET Awards 2019

animation/ additional design 
created at BET
see full credits on Vimeo

Synthetic Diamonds

Produced by the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and NBC Learn, Science of Innovation is an online children’s show I designed and animated two episodes. After the job was completed, I had a new concept in mind. I explored a new art direction and cell animated in simplicity and graphics based illustration.

design/ animation
originally created at NBC

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